Wooden Valet Tray


Never lose your wallet, keys and mobile telephone again with a handcrafted wooden valet tray. Made specifically for the modern gentleman, my beautifully crafted tray will make any home or office look stylish. 


A common idiosyncrasy observed in life is the one, two, three check. The pocket and jacket pat, making sure one is leaving the house with the correct tools to successfully navigate the day. But it looks like you are doing the Macarena


Use a valet tray instead. It looks beautiful anywhere, from the kitchen counter, to the side table, to your office desk. A hearth for your esenciales. Your uno, dos, tres will always be On Those Trays


Please note that due to timber being a natural material, each tray will be unique and may look slightly different from the pictures. Each tray encapsulates the unique and beautiful character and age of the timber used.  


Currently available in two types of timber - Jarrah (Eucalyptus Marginata), native to Western Australia, and European Beech (Fagus Sylvatica), sourced from Germany. Each tray has been sized perfectly for your desk and esenciales at 255mm x 200mm x 19mm.