My Story

Hola mi amigo,

My name is Lorenzo and esta es mi historia. I was born in a small Spanish coastal village by the name of Cadaqués. A beautiful little village graced with the scent of fresh sea water. Where the white houses and rich blue sea is mesmerising. Where the women are beautiful beyond words and the men ferociously gracious. We are a resourceful people, experts in fishing and wood crafting.

They say that on the night that I was born, a comet spilled from the heavens and split the earth open as it crashed near my village. Some have marked it as the greatest omen of birth and have started to call that night Lorenzo's tear. My legend began.

I lived a simple life, learning from an early age that the most important things in life are rewarded only to the utmost of gentlemen. Men of style, men of grace. The hidalgos of España. Chivalrous men. I learned to craft the finest of timber with only my firm, yet gentle hands as the instrument of my trade.

When I was nineteen I heard of this little village called Fremantle in the small but beautiful island of Australia. I heard that it was strikingly similar to my own beloved Cadaqués. So I built a boat fashioned out of the finest castaño timber and started rowing... 

My life in Fremantle was so beautiful. But it was missing one simple element. The amigos of Australia still did not have the.. how you say... estilo... or panache that the gentleman of España exude. Over the years they have slowly started to embrace it. But there was still one thing missing! One key piece of the puzzle. The valet tray. The chariot that bequeaths life into every home in Cadaqués. The hearth which houses the modern gentleman's key possessions. His wallet, keys and phone. His uno, dos, tres.

So mi amigo, here I am. My misión bestowed from the very bowels of gallantry is to bring you the finest valet tray you will find. The combination of Spanish flair, skilfully crafted with the finest of Australian and European timbers, here in the little coastal village of Fremantle.

My gift to you, my fellow hidalgo, the gentleman.


Lorenzo signature for important document

Don Lorenzo