The Valet Tray for the Modern Gentleman

A Gentleman Never Loses Track of His Essentials

“A gentleman’s desk must always be organizado. My valet tray is a timber masterpiece for your gentlemanly essentials. Your wallet, keys and phone. Your uno, dos, tres.” 

- Lorenzo

...for the Quintessential Gentleman

...for the Quintessential Gentleman

Made from the finest timbers of Australian Jarrah and European Beech. Sustainably harvested and crafted by Gentlemen. This opulento tray will be at home in any gentleman's abode & office.

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  • Quintessential Gentleman

    Specifically tailored for the organisational needs of today's modern gentleman. Women want to be with him, men want to be him.

  • Master Craftsmanship

    Crafted by the ultimate gentlemen from the finest timbers. Many a gentleman's blood, sweat, and no tears have gone into this.

  • Fast Delivery

    "Time waits for no man"...and the gentleman waits for no tray. Delivery by the fastest horse is guaranteed.